On 15 October 2014 Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP delivered the 2014 Annual Global Warming Policy Foundation Lecture in London. The speech was entitled ‘Keeping the Lights On’.  An executive summary can be found below.

The full lecture is available on youtube here:

Energy Speech Cover

Keeping the Lights On by Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP, 15 October 2014

 Full text available here

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Executive Summary

Current energy policy will cost the UK £1,300bn up to 2050. On 15 October 2014, UK 2020 Chairman Owen Paterson MP said how policy, “fails to meet the very emissions targets it is designed to meet. And it fails to provide the UK’s energy requirements.” At the Global Warming Policy Foundation Annual Lecture, Owen Paterson argued that, “current energy policy is a slave to flawed climate action. It neither reduces emissions sufficiently nor provides the energy we need as a country.”

“I call for a robust, common sense energy policy that would encourage the market to choose affordable technologies to reduce emissions, and give four examples:

  • promotion of indigenous shale gas
  • large scale localised Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • small modular nuclear reactors
  • rational demand management”